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Tips for Keeping Your Teen Away From Being a Gang Member

Here are some tips on how to prevent your son from being a gang member.

When our children reach adolescence, their lives can change dramatically. All of a sudden, a cute kid can become rebellious and moody. As parents, we are often helpless because of this condition especially when our children get involved with juvenile delinquencies such as gang and drugs. Our children who join street gangs will depend on their gangs and will never believe their parents. We must believe that our children actually do not want to join a gang, they just want to have an acceptance in society which despises him because of his deeds and appearance.

My brother’s son, a 15-year-old boy, once joined a gang and it almost ruined his young life. His parents got upset and wanted him to leave his naughty life. Everything got better since my brother had found some solutions to solve this problem. Here I want to share how my brother and his wife could prevent his son from getting involved further in a gang along with the suggestions which the parents need to know.

The first thing the parents should know is to keep your teen away from drugs and alcohol abuse. This is one preventive approach to prevent him from joining a gang. There are some warning signs you should know about this. If your kid suddenly becomes aggressive with you or the people out there, it may be a signal how your beloved kid is out of control. He will be filled with the frustration, anger and confusion. He will take drugs and alcohol to find his identity. Unfortunately, your kid will be drawn to gangs because he gets acquainted with drugs and alcohol first as it happened to my nephew. The gang he joins also gives him an identity so that he feels much more comfortable with his new environments. To prevent your kid from drugs and alcohol, you have to develop communication skills between you and your kid. My nephew had been addicted to drugs before he joined a street gang.    

If your teen has joined a gang, then the parents must know how to control their own temper. You can get exasperated to the conducts your kid has done and maybe your kid has humiliated you and your family but you must not lose your temper. You must show first your kid how to be a responsible person by being a responsible person. Tell him how heavy the consequences your son will take if he is a gang member. Make your son realize that you are smarter and reliable than his gang leader so that he thinks that he can confide his problems to you, not to his gang. 

You can inform your teen how immoral he will be if he embroils himself in robbing, snatching purse and mugging old men and old ladies. Moreover, gang activities include fighting against another gang members unarmed or with any weapons. Tell him that all those things are against the law and tell him that all those actions can put him in jail for a long time. Keep in mind that you give your son more attention than before to keep them away from his gang. Usually, a kid will remain faithful to the gang because he believes that his gang will keep an eye to him in jail.

One thing you can always do is to cooperate with police precincts in your area. Make sure your beloved kid is fine so that you will always take care of him. This attention is decisive due to the urgency of this matter. Once your kid joins a gang, his conducts will become unpredictable. If something wrong happens to your kid, the police station in your area will notify you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the nearby police station if you have a little information about your kid’s gang. You can provide the police with the symbols of the gang in which your kid joins or your kid’s favorite color of shirts. It will enable police to watch over and identify your kid.

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