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Top Seven Items Stolen in The United States

Top seven items stolen in the United States.

Shoplifting in the United States has become an epidemic. With the economy at its lowest point, we are seeing more and more thefts and robberies in almost all levels in the United States. Next, we compiled a list of some of the most common shoplifting across the country.

1. Meat and poultry. Who knew? You guessed it, meat is stolen the number one issue in America. They tend to steal high-end items such as filet mignon, lamb and rib-eye. Grocery stores now have to put sensors in the meat packing to catch thieves in the act.

2. Razors. Yes, we all want that close shave. Razors are expensive. They are also very small and easy to conceal. That’s why we are a target for thieves. Most thief purpose products such as Gillette razor Mach IV. I guess it’s safe to assume his men who are having these items, but no data to confirm this theory.

3. Infant formula. As the saying goes, “Baby needs shoes,” but in this case it is “baby needs food.” Who would have imagined thieves are after the baby formula as a high ticket item. Most families spend about 10k a year per child in the formula, so it is not surprising that the top of the list of high-traffic items for thieves.

4. Make-up. Yes, I just said make-up is one of the most stolen items in most department stores. Why you may ask? For starters, the makeup is very expensive. Just go for the home team against Bobby Brown at Nordstrom stores and see what we mean.

5. Alcohol. Yes, alcohol is often one of the most prized possessions thief. In particular for minors seeking drunk at your next party. The good news is that most children who are caught in the end, you will end up having to take classes for minors in possession, as a result of his crime.

6. Laptops come in as another popular item for thieves and burglars. These items are commonly taken as they are so easy to resell. It is estimated that over 100 000 laptops are stolen each year from department stores box.

7. Counter medications. Yes, items such as Tylenol, Motrin, and Sudafed are resold on the black market. Again, these small items are easy to conceal and leaving a store with the thieves can do so easily.

Larceny and theft is a big problem in America. Fortunately, most police departments and probation departments, which seeks to educate the petty thieves in stealing education classes. The most popular programs from a standard 4-hour online theft class.

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