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Twisted – 11 June (ABC Family)

The new summer series 2013 U.S. series restarts of Juni expiring August 2013.

In the mystery series ” Twisted “is about Danny Desai ( Avan Jogia ), a charismatic 16-year-old boy, which is presumed to be a sociopath.

At the age of eleven, he is said to have murdered his aunt, so he spent the last five years in a youth detention center. At that time he had indeed been the fact, but it never said about his motive for the murder.

When Danny to prison in his hometown and his mother ( Denise Richards returns), he is confronted with hostility and a witch hunt by the media. While Danny is ostracized by most of his contemporaries, linked with his two best childhood friends Jo ( Maddie Hasson ) and Lacey ( Kylie Bunbury ) again first friendships. When, shortly after his appearance, however, a classmate is murdered, Danny stands there in the public eye as much A suspect

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