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Unusual Delay in The Murder Investigation of an Eight Year Old Boy

A month after the tragic death of eight year old boy Lorenzo González-Cacho, the Puerto Rico Police Department is still behind in an investigation that, by now, should have been concluded.

Lorenzo, a child who excelled in soccer and was admired by friends and teammates, died on March 9, 2010, after being hit in the head with a sharp object. That night, he was in his home along with his mother Ana Cacho, his two sisters (ages 13 and 5) and two men who were visiting Mrs Cacho until well past midnight. The Cacho residence lies in an upper-middle class suburb in Dorado, Puerto Rico. It was not until Lorenzo’s younger sister noted that Lorenzo was bleeding on his bed the boy’s mother realized what happened. Still, an hour and a half elapsed until Lorenzo was taken to an emergency room. People started to speculate about this case, including that the boy’s mother, Ana Cacho, might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but this theory was discarded after the mother underwent a drug screening test which, authorities say, was negative. Inexplicably, the laboratory where Cacho went to have the tests done was vandalized a few days after she was there.

As days passed and became weeks, and still no one was arrested, the residents of Puerto Rico became even more interested and involved in this case: a young innocent boy received a mortal blow in his own home, while sleeping on his bed. What appears to be obvious to all Puerto Rican citizens is not for the police investigators on the island: (a) at the crime scene there were three adults and three children (b) one child is now dead (c) there are no hiding or fleeing suspects to be caught; and (d) that the forensic pathologist confirmed that Lorenzo was brutally murdered.

Meanwhile, Ana Cacho has hired three prominent lawyers, because she has the financial means to do so, and has remained silent.

On the other hand, the Department of Families, headed by Atty. Yanitzia Irizarry, took a long time to intervene and remove the girls from the maternal aunt’s house, where they were staying, even after it was known that their mother was being questioned as a suspect. It is obvious that the girls may feel inhibited in providing information that may incriminate their own mother while staying inside the family. Now that the girls are physically separated from the maternal family, they might be able to communicate what they saw or heard that night.

The popular opinion here in Puerto Rico is that, for some unknown reason (including  protecting  someone that may be involved in the murder), the investigation has been delayed unnecessarily. In addition, people believe that the Police Department, led by Jose Figueroa Sancha, seems to cater a special treatment for this lady Cacho. People seem to agree that, if the crime had been committed in a humble and marginalized sector, the story would have been otherwise: by this date someone would have been prosecuted.

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  1. chrystal

    On June 8, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    i think the mother did it why else would she be quiet even if my lawyer told me to be quiet and i knew about what happened i would tell everyone just so the killer would be caught!i think that woman did it and should burn in hell JUSTICE FOR LORENZO!!!!!!

  2. ferdinand

    On August 12, 2011 at 12:30 am

    I beleive one of the girls killed him by mistake or as an accident and Ana Cacho may not want to see two of her kids gone instead of one. Maybe the younger girl killed him because she was jealous of all the attention the baby boy might’ve got. Ana Cacho always does what her mother tells her to do and most likely her words were:” As long as no one opens their mouth they’ll never find out.
    In my opinion, that’s the only way a mother could keep her mouth shot in the death ofher only son…

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