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Vera Renczi – One of The Most Beautiful Female Serial Killers

Sometimes people who have an incredible outer beauty tend to waste this gift by doing horrible things.That’s the case of Vera Renczi, who murdered more than 35 people.Read her story here.

There is still little known about her early life, but it is supposed she was born in 1903 in Bucharest from an Hungarian father and a Romanian mother.Vera lived in Bucharest until the age of 13, when her father died.She then moved to Berkerekul, a city of the former Yugoslavia, where her father had a ranch.Vera attended a girls school and she missed her father a lot.Maybe that’s why she later looked for protection in all her love relationships.

She started to amaze men with her beauty from a very early age.They were charmed by her grace and misterious behaviour.A lot of her scandalous affairs were on the first pages of the yellow press,but she didn’t care.She slept with a lot of men – from simple students to bank owners.

Before she turned 20, she fell in love with Karl Schick, an Austrian bank owner that was a lot elder than her.She immediately accepted his marriage proposal and soon after their wedding,everyone noticed that she changed.She was a loving,caring and affectionate wife but soon after, at almost one year of marriage, her husband disappeared never to return again.Vera told everybody that Karl left her and her relatives believed her, even though it seemed strange.

Soon after, she met another men – Joseph Renczi, a very handsome Serbian businessman that makes her feelings burst for him.She immediately accepts his marriage proposal.Vera explained to the authorities that her first husband died in a traffic accident in Bucharest. The police released a death certificate and she was free to marry Renczi. After some months of marriage, Joseph disappeared without a trace just like her first husband.

After the disappearance of her two spouses, Vera Renczi adopted her previous lifestyle.She always dressed in black, which made her even more mysterious and beautiful. She attracted many of the men in Berkerekul,mostly foreigners known in Vienna, but none of them never returned. In less than 10 years, over 30 young men who knew her disappeared in a very misterious way.

Her first mistake was to fall in love with Milorad, a prominent Serbian banker who was married for more than 20 years.After several months he disappeared,his wife started researching and eventually her suspicions came on Vera.She announced the authorities.

The police started searching Vera’s mansion and lately found 35 zinc coffins. Each coffin had a label and a name on it.Vera stopped at every coffin and explained in details the way she killed those people.On the twelfth coffin,Vera burst into tears.It was her own son’s coffin.As she later declared, she had to kill him because he discovered her secret.Vera said she killed the men using arsenic.She had an almost pathological desire to be last woman in the life of her men.She was extremely jealous and possessive.Vera later told the police she had killed some of those men’s wives.

Beautiful Vera was sentenced to death,but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, because women could not be executed in Yugoslavia at that time. In prison, her mental condition worsened. Vera Renczi imagined she was surrounded by all those she killed and she spoke aloud for hours. Schizophrenic, Vera was transferred to a hospice, where she died due to a brain hemorrhage, shortly before the start of the Second World War.

Her case remains in crime history as the case of the Black Widow.

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