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Voyeurism Suspect Arrested and Steals a Police Patrol Car

For the first time, a Voyeur has gone a stolen a police car to get away, but still gets caught!! Seen on


ksltube broke the news that a voyeurism suspect was arrested after fleeing in patrol car!


The suspect stole a West Valley police officer’s car  then led police on a high-speed chase, ending when the man rolled the patrol car into a drainage ditch along state Route 201 and 7200 West.

It all started at about 2:45 p.m, when Phuong Le, 20, of West Valley City, arrested Le at Valley Fair Mall, 3601 S. 2700 West. A complainant spoke of how Le was taping a Blackberry to his foot and attempting to record video images up female clerks’ skirts. 

As the West Valley City officer drove the handcuffed man to jail, Le began to complain of shortness of breath. The officer stopped the car and exited to check on the prsioner. 
But somehow, Le had slipped out of his handcuffs, and as the officer got out of the car, Le crawled through a space in the barrier that divides the front from the rear seats. He punched the officer as he tried to stop him, and drove off, 

Apparantly the opening in the grate is often locked, but can be opened and shut. 

30 seconds later another unit spoted the car and gave chase. Two more West Valley officers tried to stop the car using spikes, but he maneuvered around them as he drove at speeds reaching 90 mph. 

Then, Le lost control of the car and hit the pole. The cruiser took off from the road and landed into a drainage ditch, coming to rest about five miles from the mall, at State Road 201 near 7200 West. The chase lasted about five minutes. 

The crash briefly closed one lane of the road and backed up traffic for several miles. 

Le was not seriously injured and was to be booked into the Salt Lake County jail. 

Charges include assault on a police officer, auto theft and evading arrest, in addition to the voyeurism misdemeanor. 

The officer suffered a cut on his lip,  and was treated at the scene. He is an 18-year veteran of the department. 

The car will be taken to the city services building for possible repair. 

John Griego, 22, saw the crash from Rocky Mountain Raceway. ”I saw the cop car, and I said, ‘Oh, that’s why they’re going so crazy,’ ” he said. 

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