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When Honor is Gone…everything Goes!

This is a short blog about honor and what happens when honor is destroyed. The price and penalties paid when honor suddenly is avenged!

Honor is something that has been around for centuries, as long as history of the spoken word or written word. It is something that can make or break you in the past and present.


Back in medieval Japan, the day of the Samurai…if you failed or were dishonored somehow, you were required to commit Seppuku, or ritual suicide. It was the only way to regain your honor before you died. In the Japanese medieval times, honor equaled your life. In those times, a female’s honor was not as important as a man’s. It was not uncommon for a woman to get raped without penalty to the man whom inflicted it. The geisha would sell their honor or their virginity to the highest bidder. A female’s honor was no more than their ability to give a man pleasure. Women could be beaten, raped, and savagely murdered and often times get away with it. Whereas a man’s honor was based on his ability to be a man and to save face for their family. In Japan if you refused to serve in the military, shame and dishonor would fall into societal shun.


Let’s look at western cultured America. “DRAW!” No, really, it was then in society that you could meet your fate at the end of a shoot-out if you dishonored another man by cheating, stealing, beating, or more. Life was lived at the end of gun for notorious criminals like Billy the Kid. You crossed Billy; you’d meet your end at his six shooter. It is notoriously known, that if you played poker and you were caught cheating…your honor as a man would be challenged at the end of a six shooter, the resounding phrase that would echo in your ears before death would be “DRAW!” Followed by the ringing in your ears of the six shooter’s powerful kick and the sting of the opponent’s bullet in your chest!


Let’s fast forward now to the early 1900’s. It was the dawn of the Chicago Mafia. At first they started as a street gang driven by desire for the money. Then, if eventually began to take over bits and pieces of Chicago. It eventually turned into a turf war which was based off of respect and honor. If you tried to do crime on mafia turf, you dishonored and disrespected the family. You could meet your fate at the end of Al Capone’s Tommy gun. Chicago crime families had begun to fight crime families on a day to day basis. It was a war in the streets of Chicago. One notorious double crossing was the St. Valentine’s Massacre. Al Capone set up another crime family for slaughter, all for the greed of territory and honor. Turf meant honor.

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