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Who is Officer Jack Mclamb?

Learn a little bit about this highly decorated retired police officer, lecturer, author and gentleman.

Officer Jack McLamb is the most highly decorated police officer in the history of Arizona. He is a man of integrity and an advocate for civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution. He promotes the Oath Keepers, which encourages all officers to remember their oath to uphold the constitution. He reminds them that tyranny cannot reign without cooperation of law enforcement.

Jack McLamb was a police officer until, according to his MySpace Page, he “sustained line-of-duty injury in the apprehension of a convicted drug smuggler, leading to medical retirement in 1986. Officer McLamb was and is intolerant of official corruption and is a strong advocate for honesty and integrity in law enforcement.

Officer McLamb was also an Arizona Regional Police Academy Instructor, Hostage Negotiator for FBI and president of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association. He is the author and publisher of “Aid & Abet” newsletter for police and military and a Constitutional lecturer.

Currently, Officer McLamb is the host of a informative and entertaining radio show called “The Officer Jack McLamb Show,” which you can find in the form of free pod casts at his web site,

His show is very informative. You will hear information you are not getting from mainstream news outlets. Officer McLamb is humble and loving. While some of the information you will hear on his show is disconcerting, you will be comforted by his voice and his on-air demeanor.

Enjoy the numerous free videos and audio files you’ll find in the “free videos” section at his web sites. He has recordings of interviews and lectures by former FBI agent Ted Gunderson, director Aaron Russo, cutting edge journalist and documentary film maker Alex Jones, economist Bob Chapman and many more.

His pod casts are also archived at

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