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Who Killed the Ugandan Second Lady, Kay Amin?

Idi Amin Dada was the first Military dictator in post independent Uganda. He had very weird character and would marry on National Television and divorce on Radio. He killed so many Ugandans-others just disappeared, yet to this day, no body really knows who killed Idi Amin’s second wife, Kay Amin. This article attempts to delve into the mysterious death of the Second Lady, Kay Amin.

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In  the Uganda of Idi Amin, dying was merely a simple act of taking away life by any means and usually, the end justified the means. Whereas Amin killed so many Ugandans between 1971-1979 no body thought his death squad would target people as close to him as Kay his wife. But a deep insight into the mysterious death of the Second Lady Kay Adroa Amin still leaves many Ugandans with the question, Who Killed Kay Amin?

Idi Amin had 4 official wives and Kay was the Second Lady. Apart from marrying 3 women in one year in 1966, he is also known to have divorced 3 wives in one day over the national radio in 1974. The reason Amin gave for divorcing his wives was quite amusing-he accused them of involving in business! Yet the truth was that Amin had neglected these women and they were actually getting involved in affairs with other men. He had over 35 women he would call on at anytime and many of them had children fathered by Amin. By the end of his reign, Amin had over 50 children littered allover the country.

 The story of the death Kay Adroa as the Second wife of Amin showed how monstrous and unpredictable Amin was but it is also still a great mystery because no one really knows who killed her. She was stunningly beautiful and intelligent. Amin got her while she was an undergraduate of Makerere University. Like most of her  co-wives, the rampant womanizing of Amin had frustrated Kay. She was all the time alone in the Presidential lodge and so she took on a Medical Doctor, Peter Mbalu-Mukasa, a senior member of Mulago Hospital staff who was  married with several children. Kay became pregnant by him.

 A day before the national radio announced their divorce, all the three wives, Malyamu, Kay and Norah, united in their hatred for Amin, threw a party for their lovers. Amin’s body Guards, fearful that he would find out and punish them, telephoned him who was away with other women elsewhere. Amin actually telephoned each of his wives to stop the party and clear his home of the men. The women who had all been drinking, contrary to Moslem ideals, told Amin to Keep his favored wife Medina and go to hell! The next day, radio Uganda made a special announcement of his divorce.

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    Read and leave a comment. This article has attracted 5000 hits but nobody is commenting, I request for your feedback!

  2. shay

    On October 4, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    very informative. more so than the movie.

  3. Placido

    On December 29, 2010 at 11:36 am

    This story is incomplete. So how did Kay die and how did the other three wives end up?

  4. gaby7

    On February 27, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Kay was later found to have actually been killed not by Amin by his Dr Boy friend. He tried to dismember Kay to make it look like an Amin style of Murder-He almost got away with it but it was alter to learnt from his assistant that it was the Dr who killed Kay in an abortion effort that went terribly wrong!

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