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Wisconsin: Home to Some of the Most Notorious Serial Killers in United States History

What do they all have in common? And does where they live have something to do with the way they act?

I live in Wisconsin, and I’ve noticed that Wisconsin is home to some of the most notoriousserial killers in United States history. But I’ve been wondering myself, do these killers all have something in common? well lets look at some of the facts and find out.

First there is Jeffrey Dahmer a convicted sex offender and serial killer. He killed 17 men and boys between the ages of 14 and 30, mostly of the African and Asiandecent. Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay male that lived and worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He worked in a chocolate factory full time and was always found hanging out in gay night clubs in the city. He had a hard life growing up his father made him join the army for 6 years until he was let go for exposing himself at a state fair. He was later arrested again for exposing himself in public to some boys and got a year in prison. Finally in 1991 he was arrested and convicted of 17 murders and got life in prison, in 1994 he was killed by another inmate.

Next there is Ed Gein who lived in Plain field, Wisconsin. He was a hard working farmer that loved his family, but went insane when his mother died. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother really didn’t want him to have friends other than in school. So he spent a good amount of time doing chores on the farm. His father died first, then his mother died. His younger brother died trying to put out a fire that was threatening their family farm. From 1947 to 1954 Ed made about 40 trips to local graveyards to dig up dead bodies, Shortly after his mother’s death he decided that he wanted to have a sex change so he began making a women’s suit. In 1968 Gein was found guilty but insane and was sentenced to life in a mental institution. Where he died at the age of 77. I believe that these two have a lot of in common as other serial killers as well do. But it just makes me wonder something. Does living in a small town such as the one’s in Wisconsin, and having over protective parents, and alcoholic parents cause a child to become mentally insane? Some psychologists believe so. It’s also been the debate for criminal pro filers for years.

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