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Arguing with Beautiful Girl Girlfriend Jump From Building

Arguing With Beautiful Girl girlfriend Jump From Building.

When a girl jumping off a building to commit suicide, of course many people will stop. This incident became one of the moments most thrilling attempted suicide. When the girl jumped, caught the boyfriend of the girl and save lives.

Reported by, a 20-year-old girl in Harbin, China intends to end his life. Unnamed girl is jumping from the balcony of an apartment in the district of Harbin Daoli as attempted suicide after a fight with his girlfriend. At that time the girl was in the balcony, while her boyfriend was there in the apartment below.

In these conditions, threatening the girl and jumped from the balcony. She did not immediately fall, his body hanging in a life-threatening condition. The boyfriend immediately act quickly to climb the walls of the apartment to catch the girl’s body.

The neighbor who witnessed the incident said that the man acted quickly, he begged her climb back to the balcony and do not need to commit suicide. The effort was successful, the girls back up to the balcony after receiving help from the neighbors and firefighters.

This acts as a lesson so that we do not dare after a fight with a girlfriend. The lucky girl’s life can be saved. Would not it be unfortunate if the lives lost in vain due to desperate measures after a fight with a girlfriend.

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