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Cremation or Burial?

Thoughts on which is better.

When you die, will you be cremated or buried?  The common tradition is dealing with a funeral home and having an open casket funeral.  A lot of people don’t like the thought of cremation because of the thought of their last remains being burnt.  After dealing with a cremation, I almost like the ideal.

When dealing with a cremation here in Ohio, you don’t have to deal with a funeral home, just the cemetery if you choose to use one.  Have you ever thought about being cremated and being buried in your backyard?  It is possible.  You can basically have things go the way that you want them to without a funeral director getting involved.

Going through a funeral home is good because they do take care of a lot things, but will end up costing some money.  Funerals you need caskets and cremations you don’t.

It is something that you should decide in life and not leave it up to someone to decide for you when you’re gone.

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