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Ways People Have Reacted to The Death of Their Loved One

People react differently to the death of their loved one. It is fair to say we must respect their reactions and help to comfort them in their time of grief and anguish.

    Death is not a fond subject for anyone, but death is a reality of life.   How people react when the news that a loved one has died varies.  Some individuals cry, others don’t.  Some try to comfort others around them and privately express their emotions when no one else is around.  Still others scream, faint, collapse, and will not let anyone console them.  The emotions that surface when one encounters the death of a loved one are some of the most intense ones mankind has to deal with.  Denial is very common especially in the cases of sudden death.  Taking the blame for the loss of the loved one is also common.  Certain ones ask, “What if….” The”what if….” continues because we as human beings will do just about anything to see that the ones can enjoy living as long as possible. 

   Because we all face the loss of in “our way”, there should never be a censure placed upon anyone’s emotions at this time.  You will hear fathers say to their sons, however, “Son, don’t cry!  Be brave!” This prohibition placed upon boys and men sometimes does not give them the freedom to release their sad emotions.  Spouses who have lost their husband or wife may desire to join their lifelong partmer in death.  They should be allowed to weep, recall the good times, and vent any feelings they have without recrimination.  Parents who lose children must also be allowed to grieve in ways that bring them consolation.  Some parents who have lost a child go into seclusion for a few weeks or months.  Some take to their bed in deep depression.  Others ask for medication that will help them face the cold cold reality of death. 

   We have all witnessed funerals.  Most funerals are solemn occasions where the family and friend can be together to provide comfort and support.  However, there are some funerals which are spectacles.  Overcome with grief, it is not unusual to see people trying to climb into the casket with their loved ones.  They have to be restrained.  Still others take one glimpse at the person and begin running out  from the services out into the streets.  They, too, have to be caught and consoled.  People have witnessed small children calling to the departed one to come and hold them.   Even at the grave site, some children ask to dig their loved one up and they begin clawing into the ground.  Overwhelming grief can make can turn a sane mind into one that is almost insane.  It is well to conclude that grief knocks us down, and we are not the same at that time. 

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