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What Happens After Death?

A lovely thought of death.

There are many thought on what happens once life ends and death begins. Some believe that you end and the body just rots in the ground. Some believe in heaven some in hell. I personally believe in some form of after life in which the human consciousness continues after the death of the body. Most would call this the soul which is as good a term as any though not the one I prefer. This cannot be scientifically proven as science is based off what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. The lack of scientific evinced has some believing that they is no heaven or hell or life after death. I disagree on that point.

I am not a man of faith. I do however believe in life after death. The reason for this is the near death experience that millions of people have had across the world. My favorite of story of a near death experience is one reported is 2010. A man who was is a comma due to a bacterial infection of the brain. This man was brain dead and had very poor odds of waking up ever again. However he was in this comma for only a week. When he awoke he told his story of what he perceived while being brain dead.

Let me first define brain death. It simply means the conscious is not longer in the brain as there is no longer electrical activity in the brain, but now back to the story.

The man said the first thing he felt was nothing. It was as if he had not body and no senses. He then found site and saw from a view point he described as that of an earth worm. He saw mud and dirt. Then he was lifted from this place and had a body once more. His body was a speck of dust and he was on the wing of a butterfly. Around the butterfly he was on was a swarm of butterflies. They were flying through a tropical forest green and beautiful. He then became a being of pure consciousness and lost the body of a dust speck. He ascended into the havens beyond earth beyond the solar system and then beyond the galaxy and beyond the universe and then the multiverse. Then the best part in my opinion he saw the whole of creation before him and he felt the presence of God. This is by far the best experience of death I have ever heard.

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