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Close Family Ties

This is the description of most people from Asia. Families in the Asian countries specially the Philippines have close family ties.

How close they are in their families? Well, I would say very close to the point of living all together in one house even if they are already overflowing. Can you imagine of 10 people living in one house? using one bathroom one kitchen and 3 bedrooms the most. You might be wondering where do these plenty of people sleep? Well, some of them can sleep together in the living room.  Maybe 2-3 people will sleep in one room, if the bed is not enough for them, some can sleep on the floor.  Most Filipinos can be comfortable sleeping in any spot they can find in the house as long as they will be together in one house.  That’s how close they are to their families.

In most cases, children won’t separate from their parents even if they are already at legal age to live by their own. They will still live with their parents and siblings even if they are already working. They will help each other in supporting the family needs. If they are working outside the country, they will regularly send money to their families. They will do everything they can to help each other.

There are some who are sacrificing their own happiness just to make their families comfortable and happy. Most are working away from home  and earn good money so that they can provide better life for their families.  They love to give gifts to their loved ones even if their money is just enough they will always have something to give for  ” pasalubong”.

Most Filipinos used to accommodate extended families who want to stay with them.  Close relatives, distant relatives who need a home are welcome to stay. They will really love the company of relatives and friends to stay with them in their house. This is a very nice companionship that most Filipinos who are now residing in other countries would missed because we can never see this thing in Western countries. Most people in the western world are very private. They don’t want to have lots of company in the house.  This is the reason why most Filipinos are considered happy people because they love company.

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