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        Dog – one of the first human domesticated animals.
     The first Guide Dog School established in Germany after the First World war.They helped the alumni who have returned from war blind veterans.
       Dogs looking for people smelling.Scientists believe that the best they smell of human skin cells spin (dandruff), sweat, expired air, and the decomposition of a dead flesh – the impact of bacteria on Emerging decomposition gases.

    Dogs working for the police called K-9.
    Great Britain will use the Cocker Spaniel breed in quest of Cancer Studies
cells.They smell gave way to several of the vials with human cells, one of which cells infected with cancer.Searches showed that about 50% of cases dogs rightly tube with the cancer cells.

                           Working Dogs
        Dogs called man’s best friend.Its dedication, loyalty and willingness to serve their masters – are unequivocal, and smell, hearing, alertness lot together ahead of human abilities.
                        Reliable guides
     Blind people live complicated – after all, about 90% of persons receiving the information
seeing.To do life easier for the blind for several centuries assisted by specially trained guide dogs.

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