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Erin Miller’s Schooling Fund

Please support my trek back to school.

I was accepted into Fashion Institute of Technology for the fall of 2012. That is when I start anyway. I will be going for my Associates in Illustration followed by my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Will you help me go back to school? I need all the financial support I can get.

Here, I will tell you a bit about myself. My name is Erin Miller and I have recently turned 24 years old this past September. I live with my Mom and my brother Zack. My brother Keith is coming back to move in with us after his own bad experience in Florida. Technically, I have five younger brothers but I only live with, now two of them. One has autism and lives in a home for handicapped children. Well, now it is handicapped adults. He is what you call a low functioning autistic. My two youngest brothers live with my Dad and StepMom. Technically, my two youngest brothers are my half brothers. We share the same father but not the same mother.

So that is a little bit of a background on my family history. Or at least, my siblings anyway. I can’t tell you all of my family history right now because I don’t feel like sharing all of it. Just know, that it’s a pretty bad situation which is also another reason why it took me this long to go back to school among others…

So, with school I can’t fully afford it on my own. I get a steady income every month but it still is not enough for the supplies I need. My portfolio is due in February so yes I got accepted but can any of you help me out?

Click the word below and see what you can do for me please? I will then make some sort of deal with you to pay you back whether it be to read all of your articles or advertise you somewhere or write a review of you. Whatever you want, but please help me go back to school!


Erin Miller’s Schooling Fund

Oh and please sign the following petition and view my web-comic please?

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