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Narcissism 3: Abuse- The Royal Order of the Chicken

Chickens are known for attacking a weaker chicken in the coop. How strange our society permits the same thing to be done to those weaker in our society, the disabled.

My mom was raised on a farm in Ohio. She had a favorite expression whenever she heard about a weaker person being bullied by a stronger person or persons. “That’s just like the royal order of the chicken!” she would quip. I heard this saying many times throughout my childhood. As I approached adolescence I asked her, “Why do you call it that, Mom?”

She explained, “On the farm chickens will peck the daylights out of a weaker chicken. Sometimes causing it to leave the safety of the roost or chicken coop, and it is not unusual the other chickens will peck the weaker one to death.”

A dreadful situation, even for chickens! But consider, how much more so when it relates to human beings. Am I saying our society is not much better than the society of chickens found in a barnyard? Recent research makes this comparison too similar for comfort.

Prime Targets for Abuse

Abuse of the disabled, elderly, women and children has become every day news topics. Such accounts once were appalling; many times received with shock and a sense of horror and indignation. Sadly today, the reaction often times appears to be as if these crimes are to be expected. As if it is all just part of every day life. The reaction is made with a sense of indifference and apathy. Perhaps there has been too many occurrences that we as a society have become as insensitive to them as if we were under novacain.

The disabled, physically challenged, learning impaired, physically limited, or anyone handicapped physically, mentally, or educationally is often the prime target for abuse.

This article, the first of several on abuse, will deal with the disabled.

The Role of Society’s Attitude

Why are the disabled prime targets for abusive treatment and crimes? It often has to do with the attitudes society has dictated to us about how we should perceive individuals that are different in any way at all from those who are considered normal.

In a narcissistic society, we are constantly bombard with the values of “wholeness”, “strength”, “beauty”, “attractive”. And the definition for all of these words renders anyone with a disability of any kind to be “undesirable” or “unacceptable”.

Thus the vast majority of “normal” individuals shun those who appear different from the norm. And those with a mentality for crime see the handicapped as an easy target for robbery and rape.

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User Comments
  1. wbusykat4

    On September 10, 2008 at 1:31 am

    Great work on this one! As a nurse, I have seen the abuses of the elderly and disabled first hand and it is horrifying!

  2. paddi

    On November 1, 2008 at 6:28 am

    how very true, people look for a weakness rather than view peoples strengths.

  3. Catelin

    On November 2, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you wbusykat & paddi. Your words have been encourging. I appreciat your comments.

  4. Peter

    On January 24, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    We all need to know what goes on in other people lives, i have found the more i get to know about other peoples situation, and other people live around the world and history, the more depressed with the human race i became, but i am thankfall for people to write the truth, so i can be ready to help were i can, and not live in a father chrismas deludion dream land.

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