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Pillow Angel Ethics: A Moral Debate

Read on and take part in this debate over whether or not it is wrong to use hormone blockers on a mentally disabled girl.

I once read an article in TIME magazine entitled ‘Pillow Angel Ethics’. It was about a young 6 year old girl named Ashley, now 9, who received hormone blockers and had her parts (uterus, nipples, etc.) removed so that it would be easier for her parents to take care of her. Why? Well, Ashley was born with severe brain damage, so her parents thought it would be better for her if she never grew up.

Well, one day I decided to bring it to school for a few of my friends to read. (I’ll change their names for privacy) After reading the article, one of my friends, whom I shall call Jake, said it was very, very wrong and that well, what if she was able to get better? What if she grew up and wanted to have kids but couldn’t? What if she could someday live a normal life, but, because of her parents decision, never could? Well, my other friend Bob, disagreed. He argued that people with brain damage as severe as Ashley’s couldn’t ever get better. He said she never would grow up ordinarily anyway.

So, what do you think? I personally think that she won’t get better, because, well, has anyone ever gotten better from something like this? It isn’t something like a disease that is curable. Still, I stand in the middle of this moral debate. Read the article yourself at:,9171,1576833,00.html

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