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A Brunch Date with Economics!!

Ever thought Economics was boring? How about if I told you, she was a bouncy lady with spunk and a lot of character? Fun with Old Mixes.

I arrive at Hotel Leela in Delhi at sharp 10 am for my Brunch with the one name that had caught the imagination of the whole country.  I wait in the lobby for a while when I see a shadow approaching me. I am dressed in a cotton kurta while she is dressed elegantly in a blue one piece with minimal make up.

Oh yes. My Brunch was with Ms. Economics. The one force whose ideas have inspired people all over the world to rethink their strategies. Countless books have been written about her and the complex theories. The list of her credentials is of course inexhaustible. I am meeting a 4th Gen member of the Economics family of course.

We start the Brunch with a some fresh fruits and some delicious and moist fruit cake. We kick start the discussion about her illustrious family. The family has been associated with many greats. Many great names have been associated with the Economics Family, like Thomas Malthus who suggested the population theory or John Maynard Keynes whose Macro Economic theories are followed today. Many other notable people have spent their lives in the teachings of this family like Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, Modigliani, Jeff Sachs, Adam Smith. The list is endless.

Economics’ ancestors were renowned for having great institutions to foster learning. The triumph came when Mr Thesophilius Economics was conferred the highest honour of having degrees in his name that the family was finally given the credit it was due.

We now move towards the entrée. The hotel doesn’t disappoint with an excellent selection of the best meats and the country’s freshest produce. I now steer the topic to Current Issues. The world is embroiled in a crisis of massive proportions. Europe is caught in its own fiscal mess and the US has taken the post of the watch dog. She thinks while appreciating some steamed Momos. “I think the coming period signifies a great change. What we see are a lot of old ideas getting repeated without factoring in that growth is spreading to all parts of the world.”

I am intrigued. But she chooses not to elaborate. I remember  those often heard criticisms about Economics and I ask her opinions. She smiles and chooses the diplomatic way out by not answering. Maybe I wouldn’t get all the answers today she hints.

I ask her about her future plans and if she planned to move to another profession. “Not quite”, she replies. “Move? And not be in the Limelight always?? Naa!! I love that everyone has an opinion”. I wonder if there is a bubbly cheerful girl hidden behind the centuries of poise and culture that the family conducts itself with.

“That remains to be seen Mr. Reporter. Maybe another brunch” she signs off with her usual grace.

Opinion or not, I am convinced that ECONOMICS is here to stay. Love her or Hate her, she will always be on our mind.

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