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Abraham Mateo, Youth Award Nominee in The Category “Best Newcomer”

Matthew acturara at the gala, to be held tomorrow, tomorrow July 18, at the BankUnited of Miami. Other nominees in the various categories of the awards are Lionel Messi, Pitbull, Salma Hayek, Bruno Mars, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

More than 16 million visits in the video for the first single of Abraham Mateo, ‘Miss’ , has not gone unnoticed in the U.S. market. Besides his nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ in Youth Awards (Univision, Miami, U.S.) , the known awards, dedicated to American Latino youth, have announced that the young Spanish artist will perform at the gala to be held on July 18 at the BankUnited of Miami. A giant step for Abraham Matthew, who with only one single, is already the musical phenomenon of the year. Premios Jueventud, one of the musical events and major entertainment in the United States, has been nominated in this year, in different categories, artists, celebrities and athletes the likes of Messi , Bruno Mars, Pitbull, Prince Royce, Salma Hayek or Romero Santos.

Abraham Mateo has 25 fan clubs worldwide. Their followers in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, United States, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, India, Thailand and Indonesia are growing every day.

With years of training in the headlights and a natural talent for singing, composing, dancing, playing guitar and piano and use computer programs to develop their songs hanging in the network, Abraham Mateo is one of the paths will cross in the future Spanish music minded and international reach.

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