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Can the American Economy Make a Comeback?

My thoughts on our ever changing economy and if it will turn around.

Well just as it has in the past I believe it can. The biggest problem with our economy is the whole foreclosure deal happing all around America. But one thing people don’t seem to get is that every home the bank closes on, is another home that can be sold for penny’s on our weak dollar. (The American dollar is now worth less then the Swiss Frank)

In my town, Las Vegas Nevada, foreclosed homes are flooding the market. But they are being bought up almost as fast as they are being lost. And the people working in real estate sell these homes for huge profits. And, they pay taxes on these sales, which increases the overall economy.

So we have that to look forward to.

America still has untold resources despite the current recession. And a recession isn’t a depression. There is a big deference between the two. When the stock market crashed in the past and nine out of ten businesses went under, and people had to go to soup kitchens for food that’s a depression.

I’m only sixteen years old, and I’ve seen four national announced recessions in my short lifetime. And we’ve gotten through all of them just fine. For the last five years our economy has been in great shape. And right now it’s not that it’s going downhill, it’s had just gotten off a five year spike so it’s just evening out. The whole foreclosure thing just happened to come up at the right time.

Within or under a year it will go back to normal. One of the major things that will help turn it around is the new stimulus package that Bush pinned to the tax rebates. The more money people have, the more they can spend, the better the economy gets.

And one of the most important things an individual American can do for our economy is to get a non adjustable mortgage on a home or get a title loan for an American car. At the very least have a shopping day once a month where you only buy or mostly buy American made goods. After all, the government can’t make us spend money; ninety percent of the economy falls upon us. So you should get out there and do something, buy some stocks, go shopping, something.

But moreover have faith in our country. We’ve been through much worse in the past. And harder times are ahead of us. So do what you can, but don’t blow all your money because a right wing nut-job told you to in an online article. Yeah that’s me people. Thanks for barely listening!

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  1. Jack

    On August 8, 2008 at 7:43 am

    The stimulus package was a joke. Most people were already in debt. That money did not go towards more spending.

  2. losing faith in american leadership

    On January 27, 2009 at 9:43 am

    this article is great, if you are 16 years old with no idea of how the real world operates and living under the comfort of mommy and daddy whom provide you with a life style. This kid and his ideas are a joke just like the 700 billion dollar bank bailout. They have no basis for prominent use and only hide the real underlying issue that the idiots running these banks are still in charge. How the F@#$ does that happen? I guess if you rob one person, you go to jail, if you rob millions of people, you keep your seven figure job and fire the those under you to save your own neck. All of these idiots at the reigns of our eceonomy should be lined up and shot for treason in undermining our economy and america. Little Bush who wrote the article above, should be right along side of them for his want-to-be junior republican rhetoric.

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