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Celebrities Middle Class? Katie

The true meaning of a middle class citizen – Katie Price analysed.

When I heard the statement ‘Katie Price is middle class’, I thought to myself, this would be a great question for a citizenship test:  Katie Price is middle class- true or false? Because, for one to say that the statement is true shows a complete lack of knowledge and sensitivity to British culture. ‘Middle class’ is a term that has never been formally defined, but any person with a working knowledge of this country knows plain well that the term middle class frankly transcends mere wealth based on measure of income; it shows an alarmingly narrow perspective which reduces everything to things measurable (a sad indictment of our modern day secular culture) – a crass materialistic reductionism.

Let’s be honest, we all know what middle class refers to – a certain value and commitment to education, a certain value and commitment to the family and a healthy personal ambition in terms of professional status and progress based on merit.

A persistent source of confusion surrounding the term ‘middle class’ derives predominantly from there being no set criteria for such a definition. Middle class salaries tend to be determined by middle class occupations, which in turn are attained by middle class values.

Katie’s time as a female topless model instantly shot her into the public limelight; she gained wealth and fame through reality television shows, which required in return no set academic status or positive values. Price left school at sixteen, with far from outstanding academic grades, however, admittedly succeeded in creating her own outstanding wealth.

Our general conception of social classes is incorrectly determined merely by wealth. Attitude, contribution to society and ethical values are all major aspects which determine one’s social standing. It is concerning that we as a society would regard a women which has not portrayed any positive or graceful values as a ‘middle class’ citizen.

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