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Comparing Major Crop Yield of Pakistan with India

Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of sugarcane but its yield is considerably low in the world. During the past eight years India’s wheat yield per hectare as compared with Pakistan was better in all respect. Rice yield in Pakistan is much lower than many other rice growing countries.

Comparing Major Crop Yield Of Pakistan


With India

By Mohammed Arifeen



Sugarcane crop is grown in about 195 countries. Its production is around 1.557.7 billion tons. The world’s largest producer of sugar is Brazil followed by India. Pakistan is ranked fifth among the top ten sugarcane producing countries


Top Ten Sugarcane Producers


Country                                       Productions (Tonnes)


Brazil                                                                514,079,729

India                                                                 355,520,000

People’s Republic of China                            106,316,000

Thailand                                                             64,365,682

Pakistan                                                             54,752,000

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