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Even Playing Field

The economy has leveled the playing field into one class.

Even Playing Field, By Daniel Lobe

October 20, 2011

Mr. Albert Conner

Corporate Cable, Inc

Northridge California 91330

Dear Mr. Conner: 

     I will attempt to deviate from an avalanche of circumlocution.   I shall plead my case of carnage using concupiscent argument.  I must ask that you excogitate my situation.  One must be parsimonious when weighing the value of debt, or for that matter, mere profit.  The brash and aggressive use of cupidity has left a distain in the very bowels of my heart.  

    Yes, I admit that my currency has suffered the slings and arrows of our current economic mega death.  However, I must spit my last breath at the notion that I’ve become a penultimate, or a saxicolous of a human consumer.  

     I must ask that you release this ponderous chain that has left this benevolent soul, fettered, imprisoned, and tormented, like a malicious murderer.


William Gilbert, The Third

1419 Westwood Blvd,

Belleview, California 90224 

Dear, Bill: 

 Pay your fucking cable bill.


Albert Conner

Corporate Cable, Inc

Northridge California 91330

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