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Great Paying Jobs with Little Training

This is on Great paying jobs with little training.


Drivers make great money and they don’t need any training. You would make tips plus your hourly wage. If you’re a delivery drivers for big companies than you even make more money. Anyone would qualify if they have clean driving records and if they have some class C driving training.

Security jobs

Security jobs make great money but they don’t require any type of training at all in some state. You just need to have a clean criminal record. If you have a criminal record, you might not qualify for the job.

Cocktail waitress

This is a high paying job with little training. You just have to know a lot about drinks and alcohol. You would make tips. If you live in Vegas or Hawaii, you would make great tips from doing this.


Bartender makes great money but you don’t require a lot of training. The training could only take up to three months. Some jobs don’t require that you have any type of formal training, you  just have to know the trade.

Bus drivers

You can drive busses. You will make great money doing it. Bus drivers make around $30 an hour and they will always need you to drive.

Nail tech

Nail tech makes great money. They make around $30 an hour. The training is as quick as 3 months. You should try this if you love to beautify people.


This is certified nursing assistant. You would make around $12-$15 an hour, depending on where you work. You would assist the nurse with taking vitals, patients care, grooming, and administrative duties. This is a highly demanding job. It’s easy and anyone can do it, if you don’t have a criminal record. This training takes about 3 months at a community college or at a private program.

Medical assistant

MA makes great money and the training can be as quick as 3 months. You can work in clinics, the hospital or the doctor’s office. You will be doing vitals or giving shot or taking blood for the doctor. You could be doing administrative duties.

Dental assistant

Dental assistant makes great money. The training program is about 3 months long. You will happy with your work.

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