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Porter Stansberry Video – Doomsday for The Us Dollar

Collapse of US Dollar,Hyper Inflation and The End of America.

It is a universally known fact now that US dollar is in a mess and is in on decline to the extent that us dollar may soon lose its status as the world’s reserve currency and medium of exchange. This will result in decline in the standard of living for U.S. citizens in near future.

Porter Stanberry ,founder of Stanberry & Associates Investment Research has released a video which highlighted the above facts in detail.  Stansberry investment video shows talks about countries that already started using other currency instead of us dollars, even in US.

A stansberry investments video revels the fact about the secret meetings in October 2009 between China, Russia, Japan, France and Gulf countries to discuss how to price oil with a currency other than the US dollar. Talks about IMF (International Monetary Fund) which recommended a new global currency called “Bancor” issued by a global central bank is also presented in this  Stansberry associates investment research video. This indicates that oil will no longer be priced in dollars. Supporters of“Bancor” insists that the government go back to a gold and silver-backed currency rather than simply printing more money so that real money and look like real money.

Stansberry & associates investment research video discuss about hyperinflation and how  USD will soon not be the world reserve currency similar to British Sterling losing that status in the 1970s.In 2011, In US 46 states have huge deficits with no federal money to help. Till now US was able to tackle this debt crisis by simply printing more money, but soon no one will buy their debt now. This will lead to the doomsday for USD. This will result in  scarcity of food, water, electricity, foreclosed homes leading to massive chaos and looting on streets.US  government  will be forced to devalue the USD , Bancor will be used and seizure of assets and gold will take place, 

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