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Rupee Getting Into The Shoes of Development

Rupee getting into the shoes of development.

Turning around the trends of the past few months, the Rupee has got strengthened itself in the past few weeks. The capturing of strength by the Rupee again the dollar is a result of the losing of the hold by the Dollar over the Euro in the European markets. And the straight results are seen in the Indian markets, where the Rupee got stabilized from its recent continuous fall. And in the last update that was obtained of 2nd February, 2012, the rupee has got itself up by a massive 22 paisa to grow on to 49.05 per dollar, which had fallen to the lowest brink of about Rupees 54 per dollar.

Market reactions over Rupee

The markets, as well as the investors are happy with this rise as this would mean a lot for them as they were frightened to the height of infinity with the continuous fall of the Indian currency in the last few months of 2011. The strengthening is also due to the fact that he foreign investors and exporters were continuously selling off the dollar, which meant an increase in the foothold by the Indian currency in the InterBank Foreign exchange.

Second factor for Rupee increase

Another factor which added up to this development is the capital inflow from the foreign soils which also affected the stock exchange. The BSE meanwhile rose to the heights of 0.99 percent increase in a single day, which is quite rare in the recent past. As a whole the stability gained by the Rupee against the dollar has affected the whole market of India as well as of the world.

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