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Spending All in Shopping

Spending all in shopping.

I am not a frequent shopper and go for purchase rarely, may be once in a month. Now we have the ability to purchase every thing from online and various things are available in online, also we have the ability to shop with discounted rates, so i prefer online shopping than real offline shopping, it is more convenient and comfort. But we are in need to go outside for essential shopping like purchasing fruits, veggies and other important things. I will buy fruits and veggies twice in a week, grocery shopping for once in a month.

I will purchase clothes during the festival time and whenever needed, apart from this i am not interested in offline shopping and prefer online shopping for other things. I saw some people are going to shopping every day and spending a lot of time with shopping activities. In my opinion they are wasting a lot of time for simple shopping, as we know time is precious, so we can avoid unwanted shopping activities.

In this modern trend everything is available in online shopping and people are interested in purchasing things from onlinse sites, since we have lot of payment options as well as shop our needs from our home as per our comfort, we are not in need to go outside for shopping. Also most of the sites will give wide variety of things and we can get offers and discounts to our purchase and we can buy things from various countries and import it to our home, so most of the people are interested in online shopping.

What about you? Are you interested in going to shopping every day for silly purchase or organized your shopping activities? Do you think going to shopping mall every day is a necessary one?

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