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The Merrier Larry Crowne

For all film critics are stupid comedy movies or no reason. In the case of this tasty and educational history, where the character manages to rebound.

For all film critics are stupid comedy movies or no reason. In the case of this tasty and educational history, we discover that a person, even an art critic or film, if you can reinvent the overnight, after being the best permanent employee of the month, told his superiors that they must fire him because he is not prepared to ascend to a higher level

I wonder what would a critic of those who remain out of work suddenly? Perhaps because if suicide is not able to see ”between the lines” what is a story that can help us learn to get up after falling, especially when we forget that he who exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted, is the last straw. Better enjoy this story that has all the flavor of Nia Vardalos and Tom Hanks
What makes Larry? Despite being a regular guy, nothing special, then worked in a warehouse. As was told to prepare, search and find a course at the University of improvement which gives Mercedes Taino (Julia Roberts), a woman who is on the verge of abandonment because relations with her ​​husband Dean (Bryan Cranston) foundered.

Attend class Mercedes Tainot on Speaking: public speaking. She stopped when classes have fewer than ten students, and when Larry arrives and is ten and has to deal with them.
Then go to class with Professor Economics Matsutani (GeorgeTakei) and although he takes the phone in each session, Larry learns, becoming the best student.

Be friends a group of his companions, all young people, especially Talia (Taraji Henson) and Dell boyfriend. She is responsible for putting in tune with the clothing and convinces him to buy a scooter and discover that Larry is very comfortable and cheap travel on a scooter.
Lamar (Cedric the Enterteiner) and his wife B’Ella (Pam Grier), its neighbors will sell the scooter and help to finish off their properties to pay their bills and mortgages.
Larry returned to college and take courses in Speech and Economics is an inspiration to two and his young companions, and especially for the teacher who falls in love with Mercedes Larry

Liked it
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