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The Trillion Dollar Coin

Huge vending machine needed–Jack Lew, the man with the slinky signature, stands ready to insert.

US President Barack Obama has announced his intention of nominating Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary. Lew’s signature has been described as looking like a slinky, and will look interesting if it appears on currency, as all Treasury Secretary’s signatures do. House republican leadership is worried about this leading up to the expected fight about raising the US debt limit, especially since the President and Lew have expressed no intention of negotiating about it. Apparently they think it will go through no matter what the House says, does, or does not. Related to this is the report of a plan which has been called a “gimmick,” that being, the trillion dollar coin. Perhaps the White House has a gigantic vending machine in the Oval Office that can use it to raise the debt ceiling no matter what the House does or does not. Right now, the president is holding off on speculations that he plans to mint the coin, which economists say can in fact be done.

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