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The TIN-NSDL or Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited is the first securities depository in India.

TIN-NSDL is an acronym for Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited. The National Securities Depository Limited is a bank for securities. Transfers of securities are done via a simple account transfer from one account to another. Established in 1996, NSDL is the first securities depository in India.

In 2004, the NSDL started accepting PAN applications on behalf of the Government of India Income Tax Department.  Based in Mumbai, the NSDL has attained national stature and is promoted by India’s largest development banks and largest mutual funds.

The NSDL promotes many services online. One of the products it promotes online is TIN or Tax Information Network which is a comprehensive one-stop website where citizens can find all the information and tools required to function legally and economically in India. The website is and allows citizens to login to TAN account, PAN verification, TIN-FC (Facilitation Centers), AO account, view Tax Statement and e-TDS/TCS Online filing.

It also provides documents, application form, contact information, FAQ, processes, as well as what each process is and how it is fulfilled. The TIN-NSDL is the definitive resource for Income Tax in India. Shareholders include CitiBank and HSBC to name just two.

The website also has many publications as well as taxpayer rights and a Complaints / Queries customer care section. The website is modern and professional. PAN Card Verification as well as all related information is available including upload procedures, pre-requisite, charges and registration.  As is PAN applications, status, guidelines for NRI, PAN AO Code and FAQs.

Visiting and familiarizing you with the TIN-NSDL is a requirement for any person doing business in India. The TIN-NSDL is located in the Tradeworld, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

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