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What is The Difference Between Online and Offline Directory?

With the presence of internet the yellow pages are no longer available. The offline database business is no more since the online business directory proved itself as the best trade medium and one stop solution.

The manufacturers, distributors and exporters were having a hard time to find the database of the clients. That is why; during the industrial revolution the industrialist started searching new client database that could bring huge trade leads to their organization. Having seen the achievement in international trade the people started creating directory. There were many sorts of medium to proceed with the trade and commerce such as newspapers, televisions, radio and billboard etc.  However, it was difficult to connect business to business between buyers and sellers since the newspaper was not enough. So, the arrival of the directory became a boon to the industrial world.

This directory was called yellow pages synonymously. Many organizations started earning huge amount creating new database for the multiple industry. However, creating a database was not that much easy as we think. Basically, the revenue of the database companies was from the advertisement. So they employ the sales person to get the information about different trade and commerce. The yellow pages are updated every year which bring a lot of work on the updates of the database. Generally, in the cities there is a strong possibility of changing the address and phone number of the business which needs to be changed on the yellow pages.

The yellow pages had been doing lucrative business for years and providing information on Indian exporters guide as well as worldwide trade information. As we know everything has time to stop. So, the presence of internet did not let the offline directories to be successful in the market. Gradually, the offline directory started losing its glamour in the market which used to behove the table of the manufacturers, exporters and distributors etc. The search engines, web portals, social media and video portal started putting their footstep in the market to get business.

Since the internet could prove the easiest way for the communication, the people started using in an aggressive manner. The internet became the apple of eye for the industrial people. Then gradually the online business directory came to the light. It served everything with some clicks on the computers. Getting order online became easy. It also gave series of theme based business with some clicks. The communication became very easy that the offline directory could not do for years. The presence of mobile, email and voice chat made the business extremely easy. The online business to business directory can possess the data as much as feasible which was not possible in the offline directory. There were different directories for different cities, states, countries and continents etc. which was a heavy task for the both industrialists and makers of yellow pages.

However, it is not the same in case of online directory business. The internet medium provided one stop solution and all the trade solution were solved immediately due to the availability of the telephone, VoIP and Email etc.   So naturally the people found it easy with online business to business directory which was not possible in case of offline directory. Today, with the development of the ecommerce activities the online portals have been mushrooming across the globe.

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