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Where Has All the Money Gone?

There are many theories as to the whereabouts of the money and how it just disappeared, including black holes, aliens and corporate conspiracy. But the truth is more down to earth.

We find ourselves in a world where we are being told that a financial crisis has caused a loss in confidence, which has moved the whole world into a recession.

It is a really bad deep recession, where businesses are going bust and hundreds of thousands of people are losing both their homes and their jobs.

All the businesses have no money because the banks are not lending them anything; in fact the banks are not lending money to anybody.

The banks went to the governments and asked them to give them lots of money, a bailout, so that they can survive. Then lots of other corporate organizations decided to ask for their bailout packages as well.

But where has all the money gone? I don’t just mean the bailout money; I mean all the money that seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the world.

Did a black hole just open up in space and suck all the money into it?

Did aliens land on our planet one night when we were not looking and take all our money to their planet?

No, the answer is much closer to home than that, it would appear that all of the money disappeared into the pockets of all of the corrupt, deceitful leaders of most of the banks, corporate companies and many financial institutions in our world.

These CEO’s and their executive teams lined their pockets with all of our money every year by paying themselves ridiculously high salaries and even higher annual bonuses.

And now that the governments are giving them more money, in the form of these billions of dollars bailout packages are they passing the money on to the businesses and the people in general in low interest loans?

No, of course they are not, they are carefully planning their next level of corruption and deceit. Those leaders and executives that are currently leaving their high positions in the banks and corporate organizations are making arrangements for themselves to be paid huge payments.

And the leaders and executives that have not yet been found out and asked to leave are going to be paid their usual very enormous annual bonuses.

Exactly which world are they living in; it obviously is not the same one as the rest of us. In a situation where everybody is struggling to survive in their businesses, their jobs and somehow keep their homes, they still have the audacity to continue their corrupt ways.

We can solve this world recession in a very simple way, now that we know exactly who these corrupt, deceitful people are; we just make them give all the money back.

We will demand that they dig deep into their pockets, their tax-free bank accounts, their investments and if necessary to sell their big mansions, all their many luxury cars and private jets.

We will give them the choice of either giving back all the money or going to jail for life.

That is the only way that we will really ever get back any confidence into the economy. Our trust and respect for these officials in high places has been badly damaged, if not completely lost.

The world did have money flowing around it for all of us, but just a few corrupt individuals decided that they would deceive us all by keeping and using the money for themselves.

Well they cannot deceive us anymore; we now know exactly where all of the money has gone from our world.

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