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10 Easy Steps on How to Pass College Entrance Exams

These are steps that can help you pass college entrance exams.

Are you a graduating high school student eager to enter college? Do you feel nervous yet excited because are about to enter a new world? Have you chosen your course? Have you taught of your dream university? After thinking carefully, you are now ready to process everything, the tuition, the dorm and the others when suddenly you remembered that there is something that might hinder you from entering your dream college – entrance exams.

College Entrance Exams are given by every university to filter the students that can enter the school. If you are about to take college exams, these are some tips that you can do to help you pass your exams.

1.       Always remember that college entrance exam tends to measure the things that you have learned in high school. So if you are going to prepare and review for the test, focus on the things taught in high school rather than studying advance subjects.

2.       Since the topics of entrance exams are high school subjects, you don’t need to go from one book to another. You already know them; you just need to refresh your mind!

3.       Most of the time, college entrance exams are held 2 months after high school graduation so more or less, you only have 2 months to prepare for the test. In this length of time, you should not dare cover all the topics presented in high school with the simple reason that you cannot finish them. Instead, buy the most recommended TEST QUESTION reviewers around town. Buy 10-30 pieces if you can!

4.       Answer these test materials one by one. Before checking your answers, mark the numbers that you are really sure of. After checking, go back to your answers and record the wrong ones and the numbers where you got the right answer out of sheer luck. Know the reason why did the reviewer come up with those answers and take down notes.

5.       Follow step four in at least 10 but not more than 35 reviewers so that you will be exposed in different kinds of questions.

6.       Spend your first month with step numbers 4 and 5. Make sure you will be able to finish all the test materials.

7.       In the second month of review, re-answer ALL OF THE REVIEWERS that you have and follow the steps up to number 4.

8.       After you have finished all the test materials for the second time, you should have gotten a score of 90-100% because it is only a review. If you only got 80%, answer the test materials again for the third time until your reach that percentile.

9.       3 days before the real college entrance exams, STOP reviewing. You can glance at your notes once in a while though. This will help your mind relax. In those three days, eat the most nutritious food for the brain like peanuts. Sleep early and complete the 8 hours of sleep.

10.   Lastly, hours before the exams, try not to be nervous. Yes, you heard me right. You should divert your attention to singing, eating and the others as long as you will not let nervousness come in to you because if you do, there is a great tendency that you can suffer mental blackout wherein you cannot remember anything you have read and practice thus wasting your preparations.

Though these 10 tips cannot guarantee that you will pass, at least it can help you in preparing for your exams and can increase the probability that you can pass the test. Remember, the most important thing, all of your preparation will go to vain if you will not trust yourself. Just believe that you can!

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