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10 Essential Objectives of Music Education

Music education is a combination of activities and learning which develop social and cultural aspects of the learner’s life.

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 Though the chief objective of music education is to develop musical ability in the student, we can broadly mention ten essential objectives of it. In formulating the music curriculum in the school, we should keep the following ten objectives in our view.

  1. The first and the foremost objective of music education is to teach the students to sing in proper pitch and time and to sing pleasantly with minimum effort. They should be taught to sing alone and in a group.
  2. With singing the children should also be taught to play musical instrument.
  3. Another objective of music education is to help the children to enjoy music by providing sufficient amount of knowledge and listening experience. The children should be made aware of the history and tradition of the music they are learning.
  4. Music is a form of creative art. So the music education should aim at developing the creative ability in the children. The development of this ability in them helps to match tones and discover pitch.
  5. A music teacher should train the pupils to listen to music attentively and discriminatingly and to enable them to recognize the music of famous composers and performers. He should also help to cultivate in his pupils the formation of a correct and sensitive taste in music.
  6. The objective of music education is to teach the pupils to evaluate and appreciate musical compositions and performances.
  7. Music education helps to develop in each individual the talents of self expression and make them conscious of their own judgement.
  8. Music education should provide mental relaxation and stimulate imagination through musical performance.
  9. Another objective of music education is to create and develop an interest and enthusiasm in the learners for the study and practice of music.
  10. Finally, the teacher, as the objectives of music education demands, should discover the particular branch of music for which the pupil has special aptitude and give training accordingly to draw the best out of him.
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    On May 27, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    You are right, I wish my grandchildren could have had more musical training. Some have been in the school band and a granddaughter is in chorus but I would love them to have musical studies.

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    It mentions of quiet practical tips that should be kept in mind during a music session, good one and would surely inspire many..

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