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A Response to Piers Morgan

The television newsperson asks, “Why does any civilian in America need a weapon that can fire 100 rounds of ammunition at rapid speed? Give me ONE good reason?”

The Connecticut massacre is a tragedy that defies words. The debate is how to stop mass murder, but the issues aren’t simple. It’s unwise to trust government that gave people Mai Lai, Kent State, Waco, and Abu Ghraib. As the Waco saga shows, it’s extremely unwise to disarm the population, but people who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. Piers Morgan suffers from cognitive dissonance as to how bad his government can be. A quick review of Emmy-winning Waco: Rules of Engagement (1997) shows why Americans are at risk when government tries to disarm the citiznery. Does Mr. Morgan realize the killings on April 19, 1993, coincided with Hitler’s birthday on April 20th, a time the National Socialists celebrate? Does he realize that the National Security Agency near Fort Meade is full of military people in black shirts? Did he notice Hillary Clinton in a black shirt appearing with Obama shortly after November’s election?

In the 1970’s, National Socialist Kurt Waldheim infiltrated the United Nations. So a National Socialist operated at the top of world government. What’s to stop them from infiltrating less visible government organizations? The National Socialists, history’s worst mass murderers, loved a disarmed citizenry. That’s one reason they took over Germany but not the US. A sign at the school that reads “No guns” will not stop a madman. A bullet in the head will. Schools should be required to hire a rational, armed, uniformed guard for schools of nine or more children. That’s the better way to keep children safe.

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