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Advantages and Disadvantages of Continuing Education After Leaving Secondary School

An article piece written about the benefits and flaws of taking further studies after Secondary School. A motivated piece for Secondary School students and potent Individuals!

 eaving Secondary School only derives partial benefits to one’s life. People have the potential to continue further studies after Secondary School. In spite of not proceeding education after Secondary School, people can still qualify into living a standard life. However, with the many benefits of continuing education, there also come many drawbacks.

           Students can immediately enroll into a career after Secondary School but this is not very successful. Many companies and organizations require individuals with at least a Secondary School certificate and knowledge to work for them. Despite having the chance to work for companies with Secondary School knowledge, one may not receive a satisfactory position in the job. He may be ranked as a low-class worker serving as a paper staff, cashier, or even a security guard. Job qualifications accepting Secondary School education is not much impressive. People may still settle a normal life with just enough pay to support for themselves. But a life with family will require more than Secondary Education as the expenditures could revolve about at high digit values! 

            There are quite a lot of benefits achieved when one takes education after leaving Secondary School. The qualifications in this case are outstanding. Occupations that are available to those who mastered college and university level studies could be: Architectural Engineering, Neural Surgeons, and jobs covering the law and government sector. Even more interesting are the range of annual salaries which are from 25,000 to 200,000 in U.S dollars! Therefore, completing further education after Secondary School is ideal for a family man.

            Furthermore, there are disadvantages after taking education after Secondary School. Usually students must work harder and study with trifle amount of efforts to achieve success. The works in university fields are very complex even for geniuses and talented students. The time length of these difficult studies could be as long as eight devastating years or even longer!

            In conclusion, leaving secondary school does not result complete future success. Everyone have the potential to carry on further education so that they can make an easier and much more flexible living. The advantage of continuing education after Secondary School outnumbers the disadvantages. And, with resolute determination and perseverance in an education life after secondary school, one may become successful like some of these people below!

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