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Affirmative Action/admittance. a Dinosaur. Not Needed

Young adults can get into any college they want under a simple process
described in this article. Since they can and have always been able to
affirmative action is now archaic.

Affirmative Action,
College Admissions


Let me clarify what the media, applicants, colleges and the court are saying or trying to say, cause SOMETHING IS MISSING HERE.

Blacks are not being “instantly” accepted into the college of their choice?
Blacks have language problems with the English language?
Blacks are not as sharp in understanding Anglo situations?
Blacks have been historically ignored in college administrations?

Colleges have raked in huge application fees but have not admitted many Black college students

MORE facts; per 1000 applications [which are pure profits for the colleges], about 100 are accepted.

To have a diverse student body, colleges need to have a more diverse body of students. Duh! OF course.

Private colleges can accept or reject anyone they want; they are a business.

Public colleges must accept students based on space. Duh.

MORE facts that are not discussed by anyone……facts that should be discussed!

A; NO private college should be told who they may SELL EDUCATION TO.

B; NO college should be permitted to charge a fee to receive and review an admittance application.

C; Students drop out of college on average of 1 per 10 accepted students.

D; Where colleges claim they have too little space for students, that could not be more false.
Classrooms are not packed 24/7. And some classes have just a handful of students. Those classes can be held in smaller rooms so that classes bulging can be held in rooms with more space. Classes can be held outside. Administrators usually go home at 5 pm. When they do, those offices can be used to hold classes and their lobbies, other classes. Where a violation of space might be a refrain, such complaint holds no water………all employees in a college must share space. PERIOD.

E. Salaries have nothing to do with skills. That is a tested fact. Thus, giving a professor or administrator a salary over $35,000 per year is absurd.

E. NO non-military college/university has ever refused an application from a junior. [a junior is known in academic parlance as an upper division, undergraduate level student.]

F; I have advised students for 45 yrs, DO NOT enter college until you know what you want to focus on for a career.

YES, there are hundreds of LIBERAL ARTS colleges. In advertising, that is known as PUFFERY–it has no meaning.

All colleges sell education.

Thus, most all colleges offer the same courses–some have slants based on demand and faculty special skills.

Our municipal systems pay for libraries. EVERY category/subject of book demanded in college is available at the public library–albeit the copyright date may be older.

I have advised prospective college students and their parents to go to the library and NOT to college until the student knows what he-she wants to MAJOR IN. While the college permits NON- DECLARED student focuses, such is harmful to the parent and student. Smart college candidates go to the public library [while still in high school] and study library books that closely mimic those text-books required in colleges.

G. Over a century ago, the US synchronized with states and created AGRICULTURE and STATE colleges whose purposes were/are to offer career-oriented classes. That is why every college offers MAJORS. While one can major in English, or History or Geography [as my brother did], there is nothing more wasteful!!! Instead, your author majored in business, with a sub-focus in Entrepreneurship.

Why do I have this “hang up” if you prefer–on NOT dealing in liberal arts and taking career courses? BECAUSE 99% of all students seek a professional job-career upon graduation. A liberal arts degree is USELESS for anyone–but classes taken in college that are in English, in history, in geography, in cinema [one I took] are not useless.

Adults are expected to be smarter than the average child. In order to be smarter, one needs to be able to write, to have verbal discourse [“jive” if you please] and have a more open-mind. Also, college gives one a form of assertiveness so that when one hears a falsehood in any statement, if the identification of same will not hurt a relationship, a college student/graduate feels obligated to point out errors of logic or to point out data offered as facts that are guesses, etc.

I am an expert in education and especially in business but naive in botany and chemistry. I love being corrected in those two fields but I will shoot from the hip when I hear generalizations cloaked in supposed facts. “WalMart is an outstanding place to get good deals” [which is false.] or that Black government officials are not as smart as while ones. Impossible to prove, thus, false.

Thus, the idea of affirmative action in college administrations should be ignored NO college anywhere discriminates at the juniors and senior levels. Thus, get one’s lower division courses completed at a community college.

[My company is setting up a university with no app fees and tuition will be less than $1,000 per semester no matter how many courses are taken. And all applications will be accepted. We worked five years to learn how to do that.]

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