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Basic Caring Tips for The Sense Organs for Your Kids

Parents should help their children in proper caring of their body and making sure that they are healthy and fit.

Basic Caring Tips for the Sense Organs for your Kids

                The sense organs are important parts of our body especially to kid and growing children who need to take good care of them. Parents should help their children in proper caring of their body and making sure that they are healthy and fit. On this article is a basic caring tip for the sense organs of their children.

Caring for the Eyes

                Eyes are the sense of sight and vitamin A rich foods help making the eyes clear and bright. Eating foods like quash and carrots are recommended.

                Too much light hurts the eyes. Avoiding them looking directly to the sun is advisable and you can use shade on a sunny day to protect the eyes from too much sunlight. The UV rays of the sun will affect their eyesight and yours as well.

                Pointed things can do harm eyes. Be care when you or your child holds pointed objects. Make sure that they won’t put it near their eyes.

                Make sure that your child read under a good light. Avoid reading in a moving vehicle or when they are laying bed. Sometimes dust enters their eyes and makes them feel itchy. Make sure that they don’t rub it. You get a basin of clean water. Let them open and close their eyes in the water.

                If your child’s eyes have defects, consult an eye doctor. They can treat eye disease and defects. They can also they if you child needs and eyeglasses to see well and correct defects.

Caring for the Nose

1.       Use soft, clean cloth or tissue paper to clean their nose.

2.       Make sure that they won’t put any small objects inside their nose.

3.       You can give them a clean handkerchief everyday to cover up their nose.

4.       If they are smelling flowers, let them know not to put close to the nose because there are some that allergic to flowers and may cause irritation.

Caring for the Ears

1.       Use and clean cotton buds to clean their ears. Cotton buds will not hurt the inside part of the ear. And keep sharp objects away from their ears.

2.       You avoid them from listening to a very long and loud sound. You can tell them to cover their ears when they are on long and loud sounds.

3.       When taking them to a bath, be careful so that water will not enter their ears. This goes also on going to a swimming pool or a beach.

Caring for the Tongue

Imagine your child’s tongue covered with sores. Do you think they can taste the food they eat? Do you think they can eat the food you prepare well?

Avoid them to eat foods which are too salty or spicy. Salty and spicy foods may harm their tongue. When sore develop, do not worry. Sores disappear without treatment. However, let them gargle water often to ease the pain. When they brush their teeth, let them brush the tongue gently also to make it clean. Most of the bacteria are not found on the teeth but in the tongue.

Caring for the Skin

                The skin is the most exposed part of the body. Germs can stay on the skin and cause diseases like scabies and ringworms. If they have any skin disease, consult a physician right away. Kids are prone to cuts and wounds due to careless use of sharp object. Wash it to prevent infection.

                Walking or playing without footwear may also cause harm on their feet. Protect them from too much sunlight because it will make the skin dry and it will prevent dehydration. Let them take a bath daily. And make sure to put fruits and vegetables on their meals.

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