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Cheating: Making or Breaking a Student

This is an argumentative essay stating firmly that students undergo several phenomenons that drives them to cheat and that there must be certain conditions before they get punished.

            Try to put yourself in a situation where your class is taking a major exam.  Even though you studied for this test, you have no idea what to answer. You can already picture yourself holding out a paper with the letter F in bold, red ink; your friends laughing at you and worst of all, your parents throwing endless sermons. You look around you and find everyone else is busy writing down their answers; busy enough for them not to notice when you take a quick glance at their papers. The clock is ticking and time is running out but your paper is still blank. It is then you realize that you had two choices, either: you turn in a blank paper, or you cheat and spare the consequences. Which would you choose? Although cheating is considered immoral and is prohibited in schools, teachers should be more considerate to students who have engaged in such behavior because students are subjected to pressure to do well; it is a manifestation to be competitive; and they worry about their future.

            Students get pressured to do well, especially by their parents. You see, parents are often haunted by the thought of their kids becoming homeless or burger flippers at a local fast food chain for not performing well academic wise. To keep these from happening, parents set standards for their children to follow. Students are pushed hard to meet the level of expectations of their parents. Of course, we must admit that there are always struggles in reaching these expectations, especially for the intellectually challenged. It is always necessary to give your 110% in everything; however, we all know that this isn’t always possible. This is where the role of cheating takes its place. When they realize that their independent efforts are not sufficient to satisfy their parent’s expectations, they begin to consider the act of cheating. However, the purpose of cheating is not only for the sake of getting good grades, it also spares the student from the reprimands of his parents.

            Another reason as to why teachers should be more considerate to cheating students is because it is a manifestation of a student’s desire to be competitive. When I say competitive, I do not pertain to competition amongst classmates; I pertain to the desire to perform better. It’s like a competition within him. All human beings are born innately good; when students cheat in an exam, it is for good intention. They may cheat because they know that there is a reason to do so. For example, a student may cheat because he knows that that will make him pass and would make his parents proud of him.

            Last but definitely the most common reasonable reason as to why students cheat is because they are concerned of their well-being on the future. I’m pretty sure we have all contemplated about the road that lies ahead of us and we have repeatedly pictured that road in our heads whenever we take the exams. Now, when a student is nothing but worried for his future, he will take desperate measures to be able to attain a good future but that doesn’t mean he just cheats his way to the end of the school year.

            To make myself clear, I do not encourage the act of cheating within any campus. Neither am I praising lazy, taking-for-granted, good-for-nothing students to be able to get away with cheating. No. There are good spirited and hardworking students out there who are going through a hard time being reprimanded for being caught cheating. I believe that these students are mistakenly punished when the real story is that they are compelled excel in school; they simply want to make other people happy and; they are some of the few who actually envision a future for society and the world in general. What I am trying to fight here is that to be able to enforce and uphold the morality absent in cheating, the ones in charge- the teachers, faculty and staff- must be acquainted with the reason as to why students engaged in cheating in the first place before they punish the students.

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