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Child Who Likes Soda, Tend Aggressive

Child who likes Soda, Tend Aggressive.

CHILD-child who likes to drink soda consume two times more likely to exhibit disruptive behavior, compared to those who did not.

A new study, told VOA, found that children who drank four or more servings of soft drinks per day, have a higher tendency to behave aggressively.

The researchers asked 3,000 mothers with children 5 years old in America to keep track of how many servings of soft drinks consumed per day over a period of two months.

The study shows that children who consume a lot of soda tend to behave disturbing, two times higher than those who did not drink soda.

“For children who consumed four or more soft drinks per day, we look at the relationship between aggressive behavior, attention and behavioral problems,” said study leader Shakira Suglia.

“This is after we adjust it to a number of socio-demographic factors, and whether the child was eating sweets and chocolate, juice beverage consumption, as well as several other conditions that may occur in the home that may be associated with these behaviors, as well as parenting style,” he added.

Disruptive behavior were noted by the researchers, including destroying the property of others, attacking people and physical fights.

Among teens, the study found the highest sugar consumption in those who have weapons and engage in a more negative social behaviors.

“We can not prove that this was the direct cause. Because there are a lot of ingredients in soda, a lot of material that has not been examined in relation to behavior,” he said.

Shakira said, sodas contain caffeine, which is a mild stimulant.

The study by scientists from the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health in New York, the University of Vermont and the School of Public Health at Harvard University, published in The Journal of Pediatrics

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