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Earning Money

It feels right when you earn money and feel it in your pocket.

Some teenagers go to work while they are still students , while some people believe they shouldn’t as it interfere  with their studies. I believe it’s a good idea to go to work while you’re still a student , it would be a great experience and would help you out through your life. it maybe interfere with your academic life as you earn money you may want  to earn more so you may spend much more time on work rather than studying.

I think it’s on parents and the school to manage all these things. Adults should educate their children , show them the path and guide them so that they can manage their time , they should be taught how to prioritize their life and spend more time on studying and then they experience an part time job and earn money of their own. The work experience would help them in future to find better jobs , to grab opportunities but they should know work experice without education is nothing. when they have the academic knowledge then they can get the best out of everything.

They also should remember to be a teenage they should know working and earning money is not everything, they should have fun alongside atudying and working. They should spend some quality time with their familis and friends and enjoy being young.

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