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English Grammar Tips

I thought of offering simple tips in small doses to improve the understanding of the English language.

lest is always followed by should - Work hard lest you should fail.

in case is followed by present tense - Carry an umbrella in case it rains.

so + adjective + that + a modal - The box was so heavy that I could not lift it.

proper nouns carry capital letters - India, Lekha, English

concrete nouns - tangible - seen and felt – table, vessel, chalk; abstract nouns - intangible - refers to concepts – love, beauty, truth


synonyms x antonyms

feeling of having already experienced - deja vu x jamais vu - state of being unfamiliar

left-hand page of a book; back of a leaf - verso recto - right-hand page; front of a leaf

to put off - postpone advance - to make something happen earlier

female water-fowl - duck drake - male duck

female cat - molly tomcat - male cat

some usages:

to acknowledge the corn - to acknowledge defeat

At the end of the fight he may not acknowledge the corn afterall.

to go ballistic - to lose one’s temper

The mob went ballistic at the bill passed by the government.

to call the shots - to be able to make decisions

Either the master or the mistress of the house has to call the shots.

to look dicey - to be risky/dangerous

It is better to get back home; this place looks quite dicey.

to push the envelope - to go beyond the limit

As far as knowledge is concerned it is better to push the envelope.

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