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Enhancing Your Education

Places you can go to enhance your education in ways that traditional education cannot.

The education system in place does not fit the desires for many people to learn.  Many topics will not be covered due to an emphasis being put on specialization.  High achieving students may enhance their education through the IB/AP programs if they are available, but for many people they are not available.  Students may also enrol in programs such as Waterloo Unlimited or Shad Valley, but these sorts of programs can be difficult to find and difficult to get into.  

If you wish to learn about a topic that you would otherwise be blind to (due to your education pathway, or circumstances) then there are some other ways that you may learn any number of courses.  If you have access to the Internet, a great place to start can be MOOCs.  You can learn about various topics from top Universities for free: some websites that I recommend are for a detailed list of MOOCs, and  As a general rule, MOOCs and related courses are free but will not give you any credit for completion.  The purpose of a MOOC is to teach people topics that they are interested in.  Another great source for learning is iTunesU if you have access to iTunes.  iTunesU has a very large collection of contents including many video-lectures from the world’s best Universities.

If you do not have access to the Internet all of the time, a local Library or newspaper is another great way to become knowledgeable about a topic.  Whether you wish to do research for a project you are working on, or you simply wish to know more about the world around you, there are many ways in which you may enhance your education in ways that the traditional system sometimes seems to hide from you.  With technology, there are now many ways in which you can learn about nearly anything you want to, and online learning can be a free hobby.

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