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ESL Activities Who Am I?

Classroom Activities for Young Students.

One of the easiest English Activities that you can use in your ESL Classroom undoubtedly has to be the who am I guessing game. This is a very simple ESL game that helps students to describe an object or a person. So a lot of descriptive adjectives will be used during this game.

Kids up to Adults.

Preparation time needed
: 5 minutes

10 minutes to as long as 30 minutes.

Instructions on how to play this game

This has got to be one of the simplest English Games out there, but also very good when it comes to building up students vocabulary, and generally boosting their confidence when Speaking English.

First write down a list of celebrity names that your students will be familiar with. Stars like Madonna Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson etc. Then split the kids up into individual teams. Make sure you have the pictures of each celebrity to show  individual students. Bring out one member of a team and show him a picture of a star. He then has to use his English Language Vocabulary skills to describe who he is talking about.

Example: Student says.. I’m a woman, I’m tall, I’m a Singer, who am I? The first team to guess who the student is describing gets a point. There are many variations that you can use for this game, just use your imagination.

ESL Games & ESL Activities should be included in all your lessons! They encourage enthusiastic learning. Have fun! Http://

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