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Famous People Who Didn’t Graduate From High School

People that have made a name for themselves in society despite not finishing High School.

Why are many people fascinated with the idea of famous people not graduating from high school? My things is good for those people that were able to push past their short Cummings and Accomplish things. So what that Ben Franklin never finished high school now should we encourage young people to drop out and become businessman and inventors. It seems to me that we all have the capability but many will use this as an excuse and then sit around doing nothing.  So My question is whats the fascination? We as a Society take comfort in others peoples short comings. It makes us feel better about the decisions we have made or on the other hand it empowers us that we too can achieve such high accomplishments. What grabs your attention about the topic? 

Personally I say good job people who made it despite graduating high school. Also children please stay in school it is a competitive market out there not everyone makes it!

High School (Photo credit: Deseronto Archives)

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