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Five Reasons to Skip Class

Yup… these are reason why you should not go to your classes…

5 Reasons to Skip Class

1) You don’t want to go.

You know you don’t want to go. You don’t want to sit there and pretend to pay attention or actually attempt to pay attention and not be able to. You know you’re not in the mood for class and so it’s pointless to go because you won’t learn ANYTHING in this state of mind!

2) You haven’t done the reading.

Well, if you’re discussing something you’re supposed to have read before class, and you haven’t done the reading, you’re not going to have any kind of clue what is going on. People are going to be saying things that make absolutely no sense to you and it’s going to be stressful and ridiculous and pointless.

3) You didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

So you stayed up really late last night, either for no reason, or to finish homework, or whatever, and you’re exhausted. Which means A) you’re not going to be able to focus and whatever you’re supposed to learn and B) you’re probably going to be nodding off, which your professor will hate, probably more than you actually missing class.

4) You have other things to do.

You could be eating, or watching TV, or cleaning your room or reading a book or talking on the phone or looking at Youtube videos or updating Facebook, or writing something. Anything that would be monumentally more fun or productive than going to a class where you’re not going to want to learn anything and therefore you probably won’t learn anything.


Seriously, if the professor doesn’t take attendance, if you don’t have to turn anything in, you haven’t done the reading, you’re exhausted, you’re only going to sit there and look at the minutes tick by on the clock, so


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the grades of those who choose to use this list as a reason to skip class.

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