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Five Ways College Prepared Me for Being a Parent

College prepared me for being a parent. Read to find out how.

It has been more than a decade since I was in college but there were five things I learned then that are helping me to be a parent now.

The long nights of party….I mean studying have made it much easier to adjust to not getting a full night’s sleep on a regular basis.

After having to share one bathroom with 30 guys in my dorm hall, waiting for three girls (counting my wife) is a piece of cake.

Puke? You call that puke? Should have seen what was on the floor of the dorm most Sunday mornings. And you couldn’t even imagine what was often found in the garbage can whenever the bathroom was occupied.

The college-level math courses I was forced to take are coming in handy when helping my oldest daughter with her second grade math homework.

After four years of loud stereos, people talking loudly in the hallway, etc. I can still easily watch TV even with two little girls talking and playing loudly right next to me.

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