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Free Online Reading Activities and Games for Kindergarteners

Free online reading activities and games for kindergarten aged children.

A vast amount of wonderful online resources exist for kindergarten literacy. Many parents, teachers, and homeschoolers swear by which provides fun, interactive activities beginning with letter-sound recognition and ending with simple, interactive “books” for children to read.  I love Starfall because it provides an easy and straightforward, not to mention fun and free, way for young children to build reading skills.  The activities are non-complicated and perfect for little hands that are just learning to use a mouse to click.  It provides a perfect way for teachers to introduce online learning to kindergarten-aged students and for parents to supplement reading instruction at home.

Many other online resources exist to help build kindergarten reading skills.  One of my favorite games to play with this age group (in real life) is alphabet bingo, and there is a great online alternative at  Children can play alphabet bingo online using either lowercase or uppercase letters. also offers a fun alternative to letter magnets in “Fun With The Fridge.”  In addition to these activities, I have searched the web to come up with the following list.  These are the most effective, beneficial, and fun activities that I have found for building literacy skills in kindergarteners.

Interactive Online Games:

·         Stanley’s Alphabet Adventure: This one is sure to be a hit among Stanley fans everywhere!

·         Identify the beginning sounds: Build phonemic awareness skills with this fun picture and sound matching game.

·         Construct a word:  I love activities like this because children learn that they can manipulate letters and word parts to come up with new words.  This will be an important skill to have as kindergarteners continue in their literacy development.

·         Picture Match:  Put the pictures into the boxes with the correct beginning sound! 

Printable Online Activities

· offers a massive list of wonderful reading printouts for kindergarteners with lots of creative activities from mazes to coloring projects to finding the hidden letter. 

· provides yet another massive list of printable activities.

· has a selection of free printable booklets focusing on shared reading, sight words, word families, and concepts.  Kindergarteners will love reading these adorable “books!”

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